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Even though it may be temporary, having acute diarrhea is never fun. We’ll help you learn how to gain more control over your digestive health.


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Understanding acute diarrhea

Diarrhea can be acute, persistent, or chronic. With acute diarrhea, which is one of the most common, there are an estimated 179 million cases in the US each year. Many cases are infectious, meaning caused by an infection, while many others are a side effect of medication. Two of the biggest complications to watch out for are dehydration and malabsorption. 

What is it?

Who does it affect?

What causes it?

Acute diarrhea typically lasts for one to two days and goes away on its own. The most common symptom is passing loose, watery stools multiple times per day. Infectious diarrhea can also cause blood in the stool, fever or chills, dizziness, and vomiting.

Typically, adults in the US get acute diarrhea once per year, while young children have it an average of two times per year. People who visit developing countries are at greater risk from consuming contaminated food or water—hence the common term, traveler’s diarrhea.

In addition to being a common side effect of medicines such as antibiotics and cancer drugs, acute diarrhea is caused by three main infections. These include viral infections, such as the norovirus and rotavirus; bacterial infections, such as from E. coli or clostridioides difficile (c. diff); and less commonly, parasitic infections. 


Treating acute diarrhea by getting to the root cause.

With a variety of potential causes, the right treatment plan for acute diarrhea will vary, too. Your unique diet, mental health, and lifestyle also play a role. That’s why our experts take a continuous care approach, working closely with you to identify the right combination of treatments that provide real, lasting relief. We won’t give up until we get it right, whether that’s on our first try, or our fourth.

Diagnostic Testing

Fine-tuning your treatment plan

If necessary, we’ll order a blood, stool, or breath test to learn more about what’s going on inside your body.

We adjust your treatments in response to changes in your symptoms and lifestyle until we find a plan that provides long-term relief.

An integrated mix of treatments

Ongoing expert guidance

Your treatment plan may include dietary recommendations and proven CBT methods, in addition to OTC and Rx medications.

We check in with you on a quarterly basis, and are always here to answer questions and provide support via messaging and email.

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